Most Popular Online Casinos in the UK

The most popular online casino in the United Kingdom is InterCasino.Established in 1996; it is indeed one of the first online casinos in the world and at the same time a highly reputable and respected market leader in the internet gambling industry. It’s been voted by the gambling online magazine and UK casino reviewer as the best online casino consistently five years in a row. This reputation must have been derived from the best games that it provides and of course the best quality of services and care that it extends to its customer. Some of the best online games offered by intercasino are online bingo games and online slots, poker and some baccarat and craps and much, much more……This internet casino also offers jackpot games which include the popular slot jackpots that have huge and savory prize head. It has a millionaires club which is currently the biggest single online jackpot payout in online casino history; the jackpot which is up to US$5.9 million goes to a single player. Hence if you may be lucky at InterCasino then you may be the luckiest man in the world.

Even though it’s associated with millionaires it is also possible to play free casino games in its play for option. In this one no deposit is require. One simply needs to download the casino software and register an account. As a strategy to and encourage welcome more prospective players to take part, Intercasino has a very special online casino bonuses that a person receives on their first deposit that gives them a maximum credit of $250.The intercasino platform is powered by the waterlogic software, a division of the main cryptologic software.

Its security of customer data

Its transactions across the globe are mostly carried out through the e-cash technology where transactions are more secure and lumpsum amounts of cash being exchanged across borders. This facilitates an $11 billion worth transactions taking place in more than 240 countries around the world since they began 1996.This part of a security strategy that is meant to assure the customers that all the information both personal and financial information is handled with absolute security.

Its fairness to customers in the gambling game

Cards and numbers that are generated from the Intercasino are completely at random, they number generator is also verified and endorsed by an external body especially the gambling associates. Tables are organized in a specific way that a lot of competition is relatively regulated and controlled to ensure health and standard competition.

Losing your internet connection during your game play shouldn’t worry you at all because you will be able to continue with the game when the internet is re-connected. All casino games will have their historic payout rates published on their website from time to time just to reassure of utmost transparency and integrity.

Regulation of its gambling activities

Intercasino operates under a license that is regulated by the lotteries and gaming authorities of Malta. Responsible gambling is ensured by allowing persons in the eligible gambling age bracket. This means that only persons over the age of 18 can take part in real money lotteries at this casino. Customers who indicate that they have a problem of compulsive gambling will have their accounts instantly blocked and thereafter provide information as how they should have they problem solved. This is in process to ensure responsible and ethical gambling, some of the pillars of gambling.

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